Uneven Surfaces While Making Package Deliveries


Coming upon a delivery location many drivers will encounter going over sidewalks, walking up driveways, or a side door walkway which may have uneven surfaces. It is extremely important that you as the delivery driver be very careful when making these deliveries. You will come across many areas within residential neighborhoods and commercial facilities with uneven surfaces. Its imperative to maneuver around these surfaces carefully. Remember never to injure yourself.

The following pictures are some areas you will see on your route while making deliveries. Also, depending on what type of season we are in as well must be taken into consideration. Whether is is Winter, Fall, Summer, or Spring. Whether Rain or Shine, or Snow. Always Stay Alert out there.

Proper Following Distance between Vehicles


The proper following distance between vehicles should be taken into consideration at all times. The following distance of 4 – 6 seconds under a 30 miles per hours or a 6 – 8 seconds above 30 miles per hour should be adhered to if and when an individual in driving different size vehicles. The following video provided by the Travelers company gives a good explanation of following distance.

Although you have a good explanation of proper following distance you must take into consideration your vehicle size and the content (weight) inside your haul. How much weight you carry inside your vehicle indicates how much spacing and stopping distance you should have. Remember to take that into consideration while out on road.

credit: lesschwad tires.

Staying Alert while delivering within Residential neighborhoods and Apartment Complex.


While making deliveries within residential neighborhoods and apartment complexes delivery personal must stay alert at all times. There are many things that can happen which can cause serious consequences for the driver and the public at large. This will be a simple explanation as to why should you stay alert at all times and be aware of your surroundings.

As you can see from the picture is a simple cul de sac in which a driver can come into and not think of anything but getting that package off and moving along. However, the driver must take into consideration many things such as the kids in the street on bikes, the couple walking on the sidewalk, fire hydrate, parked vehicles to just name a few. Why?

These are all dangerous…. The driver must stay alert at all times when this is present on his/her route. Make sure to beep the horn and get their attention immediately when you enter this area or any place you see these signs.


Here is another example of where to be careful and stay alert out there. Always pay attention when delivering within apartment complexes due to the constant movement of vehicles, pedestrians, children, and other vendors. One particular event is parked cars. Why? First, we never know if someone is in the car. Secondly, is that vehicle about to move. What should you do? Tap horn loudly is passing through and definitely scan your whole area upon making a delivery. Stay Alert. Be Aware at all times.

Although these are just a few remember to always use caution when delivering within residential neighborhoods. There are many moving items within your view at times, especially on certain holidays, such as Halloweens (all kids outside at night), or xmas. Lastly, I leave you with this last photo in which you are coming into a cul de sac with two parked cars on each side. PLEASE WATCH OUT WITH OUR MIRRORS. ALSO, DAMAGE TO OTHER VEHICLE.


Package Lifting and Lower while working


Lifting and lowering of a package while delivering is important to prevent injury. You as the driver must take into consideration the size, weight, location of package, and contents. You must never try to grab a package with one hand unless it is very small. The proper way to lift and lowering packages is as follows:

  • Position your feet a shoulder-width apart and place them as close to the package as possible. Make sure to have proper footing to prevent slips or fall.
  • Squat down next to the package by bending at the knees and hips.
  • Pull that package close to your body. Test package for the weight of it.
  • Get a firm grip of the package on the corners so it does not slip out of your hands.
  • Make sure to keep the package within your power zone. Mid location to body above the knees.
  • Rise up with your legs.
  • If package is to heavy lift with a partner doing the same steps.

Below is a chart of lifting and lowering from the USA Labor Law Poster.

Low Hanging beam or metal bars in Van | Stay Alert


One important piece to remember about safety and yourself is being aware of your surroundings. This is especially true with your cargo van or step van. One area is the sliding cargo van door inside the truck. Make sure, if you are tall to always duck your head under the metal bean. This situation plays out in both areas of the van. (1) inside the cargo van by the drivers seat and (2) the back of the cargo van on top area.

The second would be the step vans within the same areas. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings when it comes to size and your height. pay attention at all times.

Proper FootWear for Delivery Drivers.


Delivering packages daily is a physical job that has you the delivery driver constantly on your feet. It can be especially painful being constantly on your feet for some people. That is why it is imperative that you understand the importance of proper footwear when out delivering. Why? Safety for self as well as performance of your job duties. However, the most important thing is preventative maintenance for foot injuries.

As delivery drivers we want to be comfortable out there in the field no matter what weather may come that day, let’s face it, that’s part of the job. For example, if you wear sneakers you may slip on metal surfaces, and most trucks have metal flooring. Another thing is low cut shoes that provide no ankle support for the individual. This can cause injury when coming in and out of the vehicle or going over sidewalks which may have uneven surfaces. Believe me, I know I’ve had those injuries in the past. So to pass down this knowledge to our new drivers coming into this industry please understand that protecting your feet from injury is imperative.

Remember even though we are just talking about proper footwear at this time there is a myriad of possible ways you can get a foot injury. I just want to stay on the topic of what is a good shoe for delivery drivers.

Top Items for Proper footwear (if I forget something let me know):

  • Lightweight in design
  • Anti-skid or slip-resistant (ice or metal surfaces)
  • Flexibility (bend with walking)
  • Breathable has many small holes
  • Waterproof is possible (or just spray it on)
  • Removable shock-absorbent cushioning (can buy)
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Longer laces to secure ankle
  • 3/4 cut shoe or hightop (your preference) these are safe
  • Shoe cleats if you want.

Here are some options for shoes even though there are many.


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