Package Lifting and Lower while working


Lifting and lowering of a package while delivering is important to prevent injury. You as the driver must take into consideration the size, weight, location of package, and contents. You must never try to grab a package with one hand unless it is very small. The proper way to lift and lowering packages is as follows:

  • Position your feet a shoulder-width apart and place them as close to the package as possible. Make sure to have proper footing to prevent slips or fall.
  • Squat down next to the package by bending at the knees and hips.
  • Pull that package close to your body. Test package for the weight of it.
  • Get a firm grip of the package on the corners so it does not slip out of your hands.
  • Make sure to keep the package within your power zone. Mid location to body above the knees.
  • Rise up with your legs.
  • If package is to heavy lift with a partner doing the same steps.

Below is a chart of lifting and lowering from the USA Labor Law Poster.